Blockchain Socially Responsible Economies

Create socially responsible economies with advanced blockchain solutions.

SocialEco’s blockchain-integrated platform enables businesses and governments to establish socially responsible and inclusive economies with strong commercial potential and sustainable benefits.

Core to the SocialEco blockchain platform are a secure access service, a cryptographic multi-currency payment solution and an innovative smart device financing system that enables delivery of a smartphone to market at a retail cost of $1.

  • Secure Web Access:                       Access websites securely without passwords.
  • Digital Payments:                     A cryptographically secure wallet for Fiat and Crypto currencies.
  • Smartphone Finance:                  Immutable financing channels for $1 and $10 Smartphones.

SocialEco software solutions are available on Android, IOS, the $1 and $10 Smartphones and soon Windows Phones.

SocialEco $1 and $10 Smartphones are customized Android devices.

Secure Web Access For The Social Economy

In today’s Internet society, usernames and passwords are historic and standard practice for consumers accessing community websites and private accounts with confidential information, corporate staff entering sensitive areas of enterprise information systems and government employees accessing supersensitive databases.

This has come with challenges and problems related to theft of user information including passwords.

Secure Web Access is the new secure website access solution that uses advanced cryptography and smartphones to eliminate the need for usernames and passwords for logging in to websites.

You simply open the Secure Access app on your smartphone and use it with any integrated Secure Access secured website, and you’re logged in.


Cryptographically-Secure, Web Authentication & Access.

Password-Free Web Access

Just use your smartphone. No need for usernames and passwords.

Admin for Authenticated Users

Each site admin comes with a full set of tools to add and manage authenticated users.

WordPress and Proprietary Websites

Secure web access is available via a WordPress plugin and on a micro-computer for proprietary websites.


Secure Payments, Remittances and POS

Secure Payments

We provide a cryptographically secure wallet for Fiat and crypto-currency payments to any email address.


Our cryptograpic wallet integrates with local mobile operators and banks to facilitate international remittances in local currency.

Digital Currency Micro-Payments

Pay and automate micro-payments with cryptocurrencies in the Sharing Economy, M2M and Internet of Things.


Sponsor a $1 Smartphone to help connect 1 Billion people who can’t afford a smartphone.

Monthly Broadband

You can additionally support your beneficiary by directly sponsoring the monthly broadband connectivity for between $5 and $10 per month.

Entrepreneurs and At Risk Mothers

You can sponsor two types of $1 Smartphones. The SMART brand for entrepreneurs and the Mum’s brand for at-risk mothers.